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Sosink.com is specialized in selling high quality printer supplies at very low and competitive prices. Sosink.com is an online shop for ink cartridges and toner cartridges located in Quebec, Canada. We deliver mainly in Canada. Our most popular delivery locations within Canada are: Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. Sosink.com offers a wide range of ink jet cartridges and laser toner cartridges. Sosink.com has a very high standard for quality control. Sosink.com offers three different categories of cartridge selection:

1) Remanufactured ink jet and laser toner cartridges.

2) Compatible ink jet and laser toner cartridges

3) OEM laser toner and inkjet cartridges.

For further information about those three different categories of printer supplies please refer to our FAQ section. If you are not able to find the answer to your question there, please contact us by using our contact form or by calling our support team on the following number 1-514-574-8976 during our normal business hours.

Make savings up to 90% by choosing to buy your printer consumables ink cartridge or laser toner cartridge online from sosink.com. At sosink.com we have the solution for your printer needs. Whether it is an ink jet printer or a laser toner printer that you have, we have the cartridge that will fulfill all your expectations. Sosink.com is the number one Canadian online cartridge solution. Sosink.com offers inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges and toners for copiers. Find the cartridge that is suited for your printer needs. At sosink.com you will find your ink or laser toner cartridge at low cost.

Each day, many Canadians choose sosink.com in order to buy their compatible printer cartridge on the lowest price found on the internet market. At sosink.com, ink jet printer consumables as well as all laser toner cartridges have 100% satisfaction guarantee. At sosink.com we are confident that we offer the highest possible quality of printer supplies, this is why we get only positive feedback from all our customers. We offer the highest possible quality of ink and toner cartridges online. Choose sosink.com in order to get the highest quality ink supplies found on the internet market. Our team works very hard in order to keep our prices low and competitive.

As a customer you might first think that cheap compatible cartridges does not have the same quality as the OEM cartridges, but many of our clients which first thought that compatible ink and laser cartridges have very poor quality, found that they were wrong after purchasing their compatible ink cartridge from sosink.com.

Sosink.com gives 100% product satisfaction guarantee. If, as a customer, you are not satisfied by the printer ink or laser cartridge purchased from our e-commerce web store, you may return the product to us in a 30 days delay and we are going to refund you. For further information please refer to the return/refund policy of sosink.com.

At sosink.com our customers benefit from our fast delivery method. We usually ship all cartridge orders in a delay between 1-3 days.

At sosink.com we can proudly say that we offer very quick and efficient delivery service and a very fast response to our customers’ needs all over Canada.

All inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges sold by sosink.com have qualified for ISO-9001 international quality control standard. All our customers at sosink.com have been fully satisfied by our high quality inkjet and laser toner cartridges. At sosink.com we receive a lot of positive responses from our loyal customers because of the fast shipping method used by our company. We usually deliver all our orders in a delay of 1-4 business days. At sosink.com we tend to keep our prices low, which is another reason why we always have a positive reputation and a great feedback from many customers.

Sosink.com head office is located right on the border of Canada’s metropolis city Montreal and Laval.

All compatible or remanufactured cartridges that sosink.com is offering, are made from 100% recycled materials. There is no difference in the quality between the Compatible/Refurbished cartridges and the OEM cartridges. By using a compatible/refurbished inkjet or laser toner cartridge you make a huge saving because of the difference in the prices. Compatible inkjet or laser toner cartridge cost a lot less than the OEM inkjet or laser toner cartridge.

At sosink.com you will find the lowest price and the highest quality for your inkjet or laser toner cartridge need. Sosink.com is proud to serve a wide range of the Canadian ink and toner consumers by offering a very wide range of ink and laser cartridge choice and a very high quality standard. By buying your printer consumable from sosink.com at very low price you get the highest possible quality offered on the market.

Sosink.com is only delivering within the borders of Canada for now.

In the next few months sosink.com will expand his services for customers outside Canada (USA and Europe). If you have any other questions related to our company you can address your self to our support team via our website or contact phone number

1-514-574-8976 or you can directly write us an e-mail to support@sosink.com. For questions please provide your name and e-mail address in order to simplify our response to you. Thank you for choosing our service at sosinl.com

At sosink.com we do care for our customers satisfaction.

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